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Amazon • Ingram • Smashwords

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Reach 39,000 booksellers in 220 countries and territories

Perpetuity Publications enable your books to reach over 7 billion readers worldwide. Your book will be linked to global ordering systems, 39,000 booksellers, libraries, schools, online retailers, E-book retailers, universities, indie bookshops, distribution partners, local niche retailers, internet commerce companies, large and small chains in 220 countries and territories. Your books will also be connected to online customers, and to all leading smartphone/e-reader shops (including Apple iBooks, Kindle, Android, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, scribd, etc.). The book retailers (e.g. Amazon) take small royalties, which will happen with either traditional publishing or self publishing anyway. Bookshops constantly order online new books from self published authors via retailers/distributors. There are many ways your book will appear on their radar. For example, new books are advertised to bookshops, retailers/distributors via daily/weekly catalogues and email alerts. Perpetuity Publications are experts on how to publish a book and how to promote a book.

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