Perpetuity Publications have over 10 years of experience in self-publishing / indie publishing, Amazon selling, ebooks, audiobooks and print-on-demand. Our services enable you to self-publish your book in order to reach over 7 billion readers worldwide through 39,000 booksellers in 220 countries and territories. We charge a one-time fee for our services, but you NEVER pay us royalties - you own all copyright ©. Self-publishing is fast, but formatting, converting and uploading files is tricky and time-consuming. It is advisable to seek expert assistance as to the layout, so that all your book formats appear neat and presentable to readers. We assist you with formatting and converting book files. We provide most of the services offered by traditional publishers and publicists. But with us, you do not sign a book deal contract, nor give us royalties. However, other traditional publishers do expect a contract, and so you give away your book rights and royalties to them. Self-publishing is a good starting point to show proven sales and buyer-demand for your books. This gives you more leverage in negotiations with traditional publishers later on.

Converting book files:

  • formatting internal book file and cover file (margin, bleed, and spine) for ebooks (Kindle, PDF, EPUB, EPUB 3, iPhone, Android and more).

  • formatting print-on-demand books (paperback and hardcover).

  • formatting audio books.

Mentoring for self-publishing:

  • assigning ISBN barcodes to your ebooks and print books - you can email us about how to obtain ISBNs.

  • showing you how to set up all your online retailer account payment systems so that you are paid royalties on a monthly or quarterly basis (by bank transfers/cheques).

  • showing you how to set up all your author profile pages for the online book retailer sites.

  • advising you about book promotion/pricing strategies, metadata, book descriptions, categories, keywords tags, contact support, explain how to operate the distribution website accounts and accessing sales reports.

  • showing you how to obtain review copies of your book for promoters and PR allies e.g. journalists, bloggers, other authors, etc.

  • showing you how to use print-on-demand to print many copies of your book at low cost, in order to sell books at book events/seminars/tours etc.

  • showing you how to advertise online (e.g. Amazon ads).

  • guiding you on how to efficiently submit your book to safe multichannel book distribution websites ... [Read more...]