We format and submit your book to:

  • Kindle Direct Publishing KDP (ebook + soft paperback)

  • IngramSpark (ebook + soft paperback + hardcover book)

  • Smashwords (ebook)

  • Google Play Books Partner Center (ebook)

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39,000 booksellers in 220 countries/territories

Perpetuity Publications enable your books to reach over 7 billion readers worldwide. Your book will be linked to global ordering systems, booksellers, libraries, schools, online retailers, E-book retailers, universities, indie bookstores, distribution partners, local niche retailers, internet commerce companies, large and small chains in 220 countries and territories. Your books will also be connected to online customers, and to all leading smartphone/e-reader stores (including Apple iBooks, Kindle, Android, Kobo, Barnes & Noble Nook, scribd, etc.).

50% more royalties when you self-publish

Self-published authors can earn around 75% royalties per ebook (instead of around 25% usually offered by traditional publishers). Moreover, with print-on-demand self-publishing you can earn around 40% royalties per print book (instead of around 8% usually offered by traditional publishers). Traditional publishers print thousands of copies of your book and distribute them to bookstores. For this, they take large royalties from your book sales. However, Perpetuity Publications do not take any royalties because they set up your self-publishing instead.

Print-on-demand warehouses print whatever number of your book that has been ordered by an online-buyer/wholesaler/bookstore/distributor. This empowers you to sell your print book in thousands of stores with zero warehousing, be it soft paperback or hardcover book. With self-publishing, you are in control of the profits and you can see all your earnings online in real-time with sales data/reports for global distribution channels. You can update your books and adjust book pricing in tandem with your new campaigns/promotions - with no delays. Traditional publishers can only provide you with a royalty statement usually every 6 months. These are long complicated sales statements that might require an accountant to help you understand the statements. Therefore, self publishing makes it easier to manage and track book sales.

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Don't rush to sign contracts or book deals

The best way to explain 'self-publishing' is to compare it with 'traditional publishing'. If you negotiate with a traditional publisher (provided they give you a book deal), you will need to sign their publishing contract which allows them to take a high percentage of royalties from your book sales. Inevitably, bookstores and book retailers (e.g. Amazon) will also take a percentage of royalties from these sales. If your regional traditional publisher agrees that your book is worth their investment, they will print many copies and distribute copies to local bookstores in that region. Nowadays, many aspiring authors prefer to start with self-publishing before negotiating with a traditional publisher. By starting as a self-publisher, an author can show proven book sales, which gives them more leverage in negotiations with a traditional publisher. If a traditional publisher rejects their book or the negotiations fail, the author still has the option to continue as a self publisher for a steady income.

The best self publishing companies should not expect you to sign a contract to give away your book rights. For example, Perpetuity Publications do not take any percentage of royalties from your book sales. Perpetuity Publications will make your print books available for local bookstores to order online. You only pay the percentage of royalties to bookstores and book retailers (e.g. Amazon), which is inevitable anyway. Local book stores constantly order new books from retailers/distributors. There are many ways your book will appear on their radar. For example, new books like yours, are advertised to bookstores, retailers/distributors via daily/weekly catalogues and email alerts. Perpetuity Publications are experts on how to publish a book and how to promote a book by self publishing.

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What we do for you

For only a one-time fee (no royalties, no contracts and no recurring monthly/annual fees), we perform the following tasks:

  • we format the internal book file and cover file to meet the criteria for ebook conversions (Kindle, PDF, EPUB, EPUB 3, iPhone and more) and print book versions;

  • we submit your book for 'print on demand' and 'ebook' self publishing via the four multichannel distribution platforms (listed above);

  • we assign a unique ISBN barcode for your ebook and print books;

  • we set up all your online retailer account payment systems so that you are paid your book royalties on a monthly or quarterly basis (by bank transfers/cheques);

  • we set up all your author profile pages for the online book retailer sites;

  • we schedule a skype/phone consultation with you to advise you on book promotion, selling tools, best pricing strategies, metadata, book descriptions, categories, keywords tags, fast contact support, guidance to operating online retailer accounts and to accessing sales reports;

  • we provide book review copies for your promoters and allies (e.g. journalists, bloggers, other authors, etc).

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Additional Services

One-stop-shop for all your publishing needs. For an additional fee if you so choose, we can undertake further services. These services include most of the benefits offered by traditional publishers and publicists:

  • Proofreading and translation;

  • Cover design;

  • Marketing, PR, design and branding;

  • Book launches and press releases;

  • Online column/blog book tours;

  • Social media and online ad campaigns;

  • Affiliate programs and author alliances;

  • Book coupons, discounts and pre-orders;

  • Advice about book listing sites and book communities, book interviews, taxes, crowdfunding, Email signatures and intellectual property (™/©);

  • Website building and author videos;

  • ​Hosting for domain, email and website;

  • Optional inclusion in Google Book search (random 20% of your book is visible online to entice buyers);

  • Bulk orders for book launches, signings, seminars and more;

  • We can also handle your self-publishing for focused literature platforms (e.g. bookboon).

We also handle Audiobooks

Audiobooks are the fastest growing segment of the book industry. According to the Association of American Publishers, the 2017 audiobook sales were up 20% over the previous year. Audiobooks can be enjoyed whilst multi-tasking, sleeping, driving, cooking, walking, gym/working out, etc. Audiobooks are very popular among smartphone/tablet users. Perpetuity Publications distribute your audiobook to a global network of over 20 sales outlets and App stores including Apple iTunes, Audible, Scribd, Kobo, OverDrive, Google Play. You choose the price! Different outlets operate under various sales models (single-copy sales, subscription listens, pay-per-use, among others). The royalty rate calculation will be different for each channel.

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